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2024 Spring Gala

Friday and Saturday, June 14 and 15



The Big Open Space Dance Studio is home to a unique dance training program focusing on Musical Theater Dancing.

TheaterDance is the study of 100 years of Broadway Dancing, from the 1920's to the present day. We have four levels of school-year classes where you can enjoy dancing for the fun of it, take classes to up your game in musical theater, or be very serious and gain solid training in this exhilarating and challenging art form.


We are proud to offer a diverse program where dancers can learn to excel at multiple forms of dance styles and sensibilities. This includes jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, period dance, world dance, the influence of master choreographers, and lots of exciting original Broadway repertory!


Each school year ends with a stunning TBOS Gala performance optional for all students. In summers, we offer a performance-based Intensive for those who wish to focus on a musical theater dance-heavy show. 


Eligibility: No experience necessary. All are welcome.


Location: The Big Open Space Dance Studio

3600A Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Serving Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Enrollment and Inquiries:


Our goal is to empower Bay Area Youth through Dance.



“Imagine the world without artists and entertainers. What we do is rare and exceptional and is unlike any other dance form. We are preserving the history of American TheaterDance, bringing joy, education and artistry to today's youth. Passing on the torch.”

- Lee Kane

teacher, choreographer, founder and director

In Community since 2015


What people are saying about TBOS TheaterDance:


"Everything I know about dance I have learned from this program. Lee is an incredible teacher who is hard on her students in the best ways possible. She pushes her students so they improve. Her style of teaching helps everyone-- whether you're a beginner or have been dancing for years. TheaterDance has given me incredible opportunities. The program also has amazing and kind students. I highly recommend it." - Kailamae, TheaterDance student

“Our daughter finally found her passion through the TheaterDance program. Lee fosters a positive, nurturing environment where dancers support each other. We feel so lucky to be part of the program!” - Diana, TheaterDance parent


"Dancing with TBOS has completely transformed me. It’s boosted my confidence in myself, my body, and my physical and mental capabilities. Lee’s teaching style perfectly balances tough love with unconditional support and a genuine desire to see her dancers succeed. I couldn’t ask for a better environment to guide me through high school." - Etta, TheaterDance student


“Lee Kane is the rare teacher who pushes you past your limits and then some. She is far more than a dance teacher but a mentor to all in the TheaterDance community.” - Khoa, TheaterDance student


“We sent our daughter to the class upon recommendation. In a very short time frame, our daughter was able to learn several dances with different choreography. By the time the class was over, we were amazed how much she has learned... The dance teachers are talented, passionate, technical, devoted and caring. Highly recommended!” - Amanda, TheaterDance parent


“I have loved every moment in this dance program full of caring and supportive people. On top of that, Lee Kane has an incredible passion for dance and her students, knowing exactly how to help and support each individual. I love this program because of it’s kind community and the shared passion for dance.” - Rachel, TheaterDance student


“My son joined TheaterDance a year ago because he's passionate about musical theater and realized his lack of dance skills was holding him back. He had tried classes at various venues before, but nothing clicked. Then we found Lee and Sammi. TheaterDance is extremely challenging because dancing doesn't come naturally to my son and Lee sets a high bar. But Lee is as patient with him as she is demanding, and with supplemental private lessons from Sammi (who sparkles with positive energy and strikes just the right balance of playful and instructive), my son has improved bit by bit...” - A grateful TheaterDance parent


“In my freshmen year of high school, I went through a number of life altering events, including the death of a family friend, and being diagnosed with depression. TheatreDance was the only way that I was able to get through it, and it made my life feel worth living. I have met so many of my closest friends through this program, and found my passion.” - Alice, TheaterDance student


“TheaterDance has been such a wonderful experience in my life. Not only have I grown so much as a dancer, but I’ve been able to be a part of an amazing community.” - Charlotte, TheaterDance student

"We LOVE TheaterDance! I am so proud to be a part of such a deep inspiring program. Helping our dancers improve and succeed has become my life's work. There's nothing else I'd rather do.” - Sammi, TheaterDance teacher, choreographer and performer

From the founder:

“I started this program because I couldn't find what I was seeking for my own daughter: solid theatrical dance training in a mentally supportive environment. I expect the world of my dancers and they know I love them each individually. I never coddle them or lie to them. If they get a compliment, they know it means something. In my experience, children rise to expectation and become better dancers and humans from honestly working hard - a discipline that carries over to the rest of their lives. There is no failing, only trying to be better than you were yesterday. We strive to foster a nurturing community filled with kind, enthusiastic and hard-working students. I am blessed and grateful to be a part of the lives of my beautiful dancers and their wonderful supportive families.” - Lee Kane

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